Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30, 2013

My love,

I'll be 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow and it's so surreal. There were days I never thought we'd get here, and it feels like only yesterday that we were nervously waiting for our 7-week ultrasound when we saw your little heartbeat for the first time. But now, I'm sitting in the beautiful nursery we've built for you and I know you'll be here soon. I honestly can't wait to meet you! It overwhelms me sometimes when I think about it, so I try to let it come to me in small chunks throughout the day.

Before I got pregnant with you, I swore to myself I was going to do everything right. I was going to do prenatal yoga and water aerobics. I was going to cut all processed food, sugar, artificial sugar, caffeine and alcohol (the last two I really did cut.) In reality, I'm way too uncoordinated for yoga now and can barely cross my legs, let alone do downward facing dog. After buying a maternity swimsuit at a deep discount, I've been to the pool exactly once, and honestly didn't find it all that soothing. And while my diet has been about 75% angel throughout my pregnancy, I've had a few sweet tooth days and I do love mac 'n cheese.

I guess my point is that you should strive to be the best you can be, but don't insist on perfection. It's humanly impossible to achieve perfection consistently. Anyone who tries to tell you different, is either selling you something or wants you to believe they won the Tour de France seven times in a row without doping.

In other news, I had a check up today and while your heartbeat and measurements are good, the doctor can't confirm that you're head down at this point. This means we get another ultrasound on Friday. I'm so excited to see you again and I know it will get me through the next few weeks until I get to see you in person. I'll check back in after that appointment.

Well, I should be toddling off to bed; my feet and ankles are the size of ham hocks, so I should probably get them elevated. Here's a great picture from our maternity shoot with Aunt Sabrina on Saturday.