Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27, 2012

My love,

So much to tell that's happened in the last two and a half months! I'll give you the highlights first.

1. The world didn't end.
     Yeah, yeah, I know this was never an actual possibility, but it was certainly in the back of my mind for a   while.

2. I had my baby shower.
     Your aunts, Natalie and Sabrina threw it for me and it was wonderful to feel so loved! They chose a Love Bug theme and incorporated your father's automotive hobbies. You got so many presents and A TON of clothes. One thing's for sure, you are one very loved little girl. :)

3. I was blessed with Christmas spirit this year.
     Normally I hate Christmas. I mean, I detest it. This year, I couldn't help myself. I .put up a mini tree, sent out Christmas cards and decorated the front of the house. The only difference this year is you. The only explanation I have for this change of spirit is that you're actually an elf. We'll see.

4. I'm very noticeably pregnant.
     I've gained about 24 lbs and everyone agrees that I'm all belly. I have to admit, I like it. It's hard to watch your body take on a new shape, but it's made easier when the majority of your figure stays relatively the same.

I feel you move every day and it's truly my favorite thing. You kick less than you used to. Now it's mostly stretching and rolling. Tonight I was reading Alice in Wonderland to you and you went crazy. I think you like the sound of when your daddy and I talk to you.

I'm feeling quite well for 32 weeks; just a little tired as I haven't really slept much lately. I have to sleep on my side and usually wake up with sore hips and pelvis because of it. My pelvic bone is also starting to hurt because it's separating and making room for you. It's weird for your father and I to think that you'll join our family in just eight weeks.

I'm sad to admit that I still have lingering anxiety about your safety. I love you so much and don't want anything to hurt you, especially when we're so close! I feel that I prepared myself pretty well for pregnancy and not too many things have come as a shock. But the one thing I wasn't expecting was to feel so close to you, but so far away. I can't see, hold or comfort you and right now that's all I want. Oh well, soon enough.

Well, I must get ready for bed; it's getting quite late. I love you and am so looking forward to meeting you, my baby bug.